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Progressive improvement and innovationM
M&R Nano technology Co., LTD supplies technical lithography including Cleaners, Photoresist Coaters, Mask Aligners, Developers, Etching Machines, Photomask Designs and a variety of other equipment. We not only provide standard products, but also customize them through our professional R & D team.


Becoming a specialist in lithography field.

Core concept:

Mutual trusts and benefits
The establishment of our company’s culture is a process of specific, progressive interpretation. We uphold the four core values containing enthusiasm, brilliant innovation, professional service, execution efficiency. And these are attitudes and values we strictly pursue, furthermore our principles of doing things.

Premium quality of products:

In order to pursue the excellent quality of our products, we continually develop manufacturing technology. A superior testing environment was created to guarantee high accuracy and quality of each our provided equipment. Besides, we constantly focus on improving the manufacturing process to increase efficiency and productivity, and to reduce production cost. We, therefore, are able to immeditately respond to customers’ needs with highly competitive products.

Competitive advantages:

M&R Nanotech provides excellent lithography equipment that could be used not only in semi-conductor related facilities, photoelectric displays, backlight module, but also in manufacturing process of the promising solar and LED industry. With the advantage of advancement, innovation and miniaturization characteristic, our products can achieve automation and nano technology to the matched merchandise. Possessing updated technologies and leading innovation makes us become more “excellent and innovative”.